best known for being the first

barber / hairdresser at the

Adikt Barber salon, since 2016,

he is a member and now

associate of Adikt Barber salon.


Main features: Always self-confident, he is also known for his good sense of humour. He is passionate since the years from 1950 to 1990. 


Considered by public opinion as a professional always ready to give you an

advice and perform a vintage haircuts for you . Any information regarding his profile and work are welcome.


nicknamed "MZbarber",

he is the second barber who

has joined the salon. 


Main features:

With his nine years of experience as a barber, he will be able to carry out all the styles of haircuts you want. He will realize all the haircuts with

precision and efficiency.


Considered by public opinion he is described as a confident and relaxed persoun, he always takes care for his customers. Any information regarding his profile and work are welcome.



nicknamed "Kiffbarber",

from his five years of

experience, he is the last

barber who has joined the team.


Main features: Confident, thorough, but always relaxed.


Considered by public opinion to be always in a good mood, he is the ideal

man to make you spin on an armchair with your beautiful sneakers. 

Any information regarding his profile and work are welcome.


IMG_0325 2-2.jpg


nicknamed "Goldfinger."

Main characteristics:

With his 19 years of experience

he is said to be precise, cordial and

always attentive to his clients.

He has a sense of leadership.


Considered by the public opinion as a "Dandy" of modern times, he is the man who will offer you a high quality welcome and service.  Any information allowing his capture will be welcome.



nicknamed "Anthobarber."

strong of his six years of experience,


Considered, by public opinion, as ambitious and perfectionist, he will know how to answer all your hair requests. A true passionate of the men's cut. 

Any information concerning his profile and his work is welcome.

IMG_0415 2.jpg


nicknamed "QR BARBER"

Listening to his clients, precise and rigorous,


Quentin is the last barber to join the salon. He will take care of you,

from diagnosis to waxing.


Specialist in skinfades, but also in any other cut, he will be able to answer all your requests. Passionate and smiling, he will welcome you with great pleasure in his chair.